TNH99 Vietnam joint stock company is a multi-sector investment management company. Currently, TNH99 focuses on media, marketing, real estate, health care, F&B and trading. TNH99 Vietnam always defines the customer benefits as the core value in it’s development strategy. We have been incessantly inovating, creating new values, complying with, committing to respect and consistently enforcing the common principles of conduct that make up TNH99 culture. Each member of TNH99 Vietnam has so much enthusiasm, devotion. They understand that interests of the company as well as its customers and social responsibility are focused.

TNH99 currently has over 26 subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the country. At TNH99, more than 300 employees, experienced professionals, industry-leading experts, senior advisors and an open knowledge system provide a solid foundation for sustainable development.


Following the "for human development" philosophy, TNH99 constantly searches and researches the needs of human and social trends. With the visionary leadership and management as well as young and professional staff, we are constantly growing and affirming our brand in the fields in which we operate in the Vietnamese market.


People are the most important resource, helping to create the values and differences of TNH99. They have the knowledge, qualifications and experience that are constantly accumulated and developed.

The employees of TNH99 also have the unique characteristics of the Vietnamese people and industries. They always unite, strive towards professionalism, absorb and behave appropriately in communication with customers.

Besides, leadership capacity is a key factor that helps TNH99 plan and successfully implement the sustainable development goals, promote the use of advanced management systems and tools, make accurate and timely decisions.

Orientation to improve social responsibility, value management is applied at TNH99 to create a culture of effective work, productivity and quality. These values ​​are shared by TNH99 leaders and staff with partners and customers.

TNH99 is committed to behave and operate with the following values: Efficiency, Quality, Straightforward, Enthusiastic, Professional.


Meet the needs and satisfy customers by the highest quality of organization and service;

Regularly research, apply and develop advanced technology to improve product quality, service and competitiveness in the field of operation;

Identify and provide sufficient resources to ensure effective implementation of the quality management system.


With a joint-stock operating model, we are still consistent with the tagline "We grow business", in which the principle of human resource development is an important step, governance is an important phase and promoting corporate culture is a regular task. Oriented solutions and services of TNH99 helps businesses to create sustainable added values ​​for people.

We are committed to providing the most effective and practical services for Vietnamese businesses and the world for sustainable joint development.

We always keep in mind, cherish and create products that constantly meet the expectations of the business community.

We behave and cooperate based on civilized values ​​while promoting the cultural identities of VietNam.